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What can PT help with?

Tummy Time

Tummy TIme is so very important for your infant's development.  Remember, Back to Sleep, Tummy to Play!  It’s never too early to start tummy time and you can't do too much of it.  Spending time in prone (on tummy) strengthens, stretches, assists in cognitive development and reflex integration.  It helps to keep your infant's head shape and prevent flat spots!   Tummy Time should not be stressfull or tearful, so if you're finding tummy time to be a "torture", you've come to the right place!!  

Mother Balancing Baby on Legs
Baby With Shoes

Developmental / Movement Delay

Motor delays can be the result of premature or traumatic birth, neurological impairment, genetic diorders, abnormal muscle tone, coordination disorders.  Delays in motor milestones can prevent a child from exploration of his/her environment, which is necessary for learning and cognitive growth.  A great deal of research indicates that early intervention is beneficial in promoting a more typical motor development. 

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